Roon core crashes while scanning

I’m running roon core on a nuc i3 for the biggest part of this year. Without any problems till now.
My music folders are all on a synology nas connected to a 24 port cisco switch and the same for the nuc, both in the same vlan also.
All of a sudden I noticed endpoints (got 4 local in total, and another one via a vpn tunnel) stopping playback, and not able to connect to the core for a couple of minutes after that.
Did a bit of investigation after it started to become annoying. Since I’ve auto-scan and auto-backup enabled, it turned out that my core crashes while scanning the music folder, also a manual initiated scan triggers the same. I would expect it to throw up an error something along the lines, can’t read file … .flac or something similar and continue scanning. Not restarting the core a couple of times within 5-10 minutes and then it works till the next rescan.

Is there somewhere in the logs a hint to which file in my library (100.000 + tracks) is causing this. For now I’ve taken out all the music added the last 2,5 months and the core finishes rescanning without restarts. I can add folder by folder (which I’m currently doing by alphabet) to figure out which file is bad.

You are likely to get echoes of this advice. But 100,000+ tracks is not a small library. And an i3 machine may not be up to the task.


I don’t think it’s the size of the library causing this. It’s a nuc running rock so it’s dedicated to roon and nothing else. I expect it to become sluggish not crashing/restarting roon.
I’m now around halfway of adding tracks back to my library, still 15.000 to go and still everything is ok.

Last night I finished copying back the content and adding it to the library. Put roon into play (radio) on one endpoint and this morning it still played. Also telling it to force a rescan doesn’t crash the core anymore. Don’t know what caused this. Maybe someone from support can tell me more?

This morning it was still playing and the only error was from the scheduled backup that couldn’t run because roon was streaming audio to a endpoint.

Hi Edwin,

Roon Support will be in touch, but if the problem has now gone away, there may not be anything for them to check. I’d suggest keeping a separate archived backup of the Roon database prior to this raising its head, restarting everything and then see if it happens again.