Roon Core Crashing Regularly Crashing Since Update 2.0 build 1143

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core running on Intel NUC Kit NUC10i5FNH, Frost Canyon, Core i5-10210U.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roon core is attached to a Unifi 8 port gigabit switch in one room which is in turn uplinked to a Unifi core switch.

Connected Audio Devices

Main playback devices are a Matrix Audio Mini i3 and a Cambridge Audio CXNv2. Playback stops on either device when the core crashes/restarts.

Number of Tracks in Library

14,000 tracks.

Description of Issue

Has been very stable since I built it in early March 2021. After updating it to the latest build a couple of weeks ago, playback stops on whichever endpoint I’m using and the Roon web interface seems to show that it has crashed and the running time has been reset.

iOS Roon app takes a few seconds to re-connect to the core and I can then start playback again. I have restarted the NUC a few times but the problem persists.

I have uploaded a ZIP of the logfiles via your portal.

This is starting to get quite irritating now. Late yesterday afternoon I thought I’d give the NUC a restart and apply the latest firmware from Intel at the same time. The NUC has been back up and running since then.


Yet before I’ve even played any radio streams or anything else this morning, Roon itself is only showing an uptime of less than 20 minutes.


This may be indicative of a hardware failure - possibly the RAM. See this thread for a similar report, and what you can do to test the RAM:

Or it may just be that the RAM and/or the SSD need to be reseated/have the connectors cleaned…

Thanks @Geoff_Coupe - will give MemTest a spin and try reseating the memory and the SSDs.

Strange that just the Roon services would be affected by this though, I would maybe have expected the whole OS to fall over.

Will report back…

OK, ran the MemTest package and it found no errors.

Have re-seated the memory, the NVMe boot device and checked the SATA connection to the SSD that the libary sits on.

Everything given a good blow to get rid of any dust although it was all remarkably clean inside.

This is still crashing regularly. I restarted the whole NUC an hour or so ago.

Could someone from from support please contact me with a view to enabling some sort of debug logging for analysis?

The Support team are automatically notified by a post in the #support category, so your request will be added to their queue. They will be able to pull logs remotely from your Core when they deal with your request.

All day on Monday working from home, Roon was crashing constantly. I installed yesterday’s update to ver 2.0 build 1148 and it’s been stable ever since, fingers crossed. I did a full NUC restart to tie up the OS and the Roon server uptime stats.


There is a fix in build 1148 stating “Resolved an issue where RoonServer could crash when certain Linn products are in use” - I don’t have any Linn products but whatever was fixed in this build seems to have helped my issue using Matrix Audio Mini-i3 and Cambridge Audio CXNv2 playback devices.

Hopefully the regression will not be repeated in a later build.

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