Roon core crashing

My Roon core crashes intermittently. Initially it was when I clicked the stop button. The whole thing would go to ‘Roon trying to connect to core.’ The core couldn’t be found and I would have to reboot the whole thing, sometimes a few times before it reconnected to the core. Yesterday (at around 5pm) the screen showed ‘trying to connect to core’ but the album was still playing. I couldn’t get Roon back though. It seems to be happening with both library and tidal albums. It happens randomly so no continuous pattern.
My set up is Innuous Zenith MK11 server which is the core. This is wired to the vodaphone router. The Zenith is connected to a Hugo 2 DAC. All music is stored on the Zenith and I stream Tidal. I do have a lot of albums (thousands). The remote is an iPad Air 2 version 12.2.
Hope this gives you the information you need. Thank you for your help

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Hi @India_Kirby,

When this behavior occurs and the iPad Air is unable to connect, are other remote devices still able to connect to the Core?

Does music continue playing and it’s only that remotes can’t connect or does playback stop too?

Hi Dylan
No I cant connect remotely with any device when the behaviour occurs.
On every occasion apart from once the behaviour occurs when I clicked on the stop button. The one exception was last night when the screen lost room core and said it was trying to connect but the album was still playing

Thanks for the info, @India_Kirby.

Moving forward, it would be a great data point to know if this behavior is specific to this Core machine or if it occurs with any Core on the network. Do you have another machine that you can temporarily use as your Roon Core? Does the same behavior occur with that machine?

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Thanks Dylan. Given the response from Dirk it sounds like it can’t be to do with my set up? I get the same problem as he describes including my laptop disconnecting. It’s very occasional but once it crashes it’s difficult to get back. I do have a mu-so I could try using as core if you think that’s still worth doing?
I wonder if anyone else is having this problem or is it just Dirk and I?!

Hi @India_Kirby,

This type of behavior (remotes not connecting to the Core) can stem from a variety of different root causes. A vast majority of our customers are not experiencing these types of issues, so it is likely that there is something environmental and specific to your setups that are causing this disconnect to occur. I have moved Dirk’s post out of this thread so I can continue troubleshooting with him and his specific setup separately.

Using a different Core machine would definitely be a good data point, as mentioned above. This will help us to confirm if it’s an issue stemming only from this specific Core machine or something else, such as an issue with the current networking setup. Understanding what devices are affected will definitely help us better understand where this is coming from.


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