Roon Core - Database not working repeatedly

Roon Core Machine

Dell 7559 Laptop
500 GB Samsung Evo SSD - Boot
1 TB Sandisk HDD - Music Storage
4 GB Nvidia GTX 960M

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Audioquest Dragonfly Black with Jitterbug

Number of Tracks in Library

27000 Tracks

Description of Issue

Hi, I recenly got a Roon subscription again after a gap of a year and a half, last month.
Everything had been working swimmingly till today, Roon tried to update the database and now says something is wrong with my database…
I’ve tried to delete the old database and start afresh by reinstalling Roon/ restoring from a backup repeatedly. I must have done this process 4 times. But each time after I start afresh and then restart Roon, Roon works for a bit but the issue pops up again everytime I shut Roon and restart to change the theme from light to dark for example and I cannot access the Roon player.

I don’t think this is an issue of hardware, my boot drive on which I install Roon, is in excellent shape and is only a year old.

Please let me know how to fix this.

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Just wanted to add that I had updated the core last night , I’m not aware what build that is, but the issue started post that.

Hi Jim, it’s 882. The issue began once I updated to this build.

I’ve tried starting afresh like 4 times. I deleted all my old backups, tried to start afresh with a new install and made a new backup. Nothing works, still getting the same database error.
Not a great time of the year for this to happen. I’m now left to go back to iTunes whilst a paid service has been rendered unusable.

That seems to be the same issue I have: B882 There was an issue loading your database

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No response? 2 days since I started the thread.

This is ridiculous, How can you ignore a paying customer’s support requests for this long? Your product has been rendered unusable because of an update foisted on me, my hardware is working impeccably.

I have tried all the steps from your help page, so how about an actual support staff member helps me out?

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@kevin Please help.

Just a minute, following up with you via PM!

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