Roon core disappeared

I’m having yet another problem with Roon. To spare you having to read through the thread below, I will be updating this as the new M2 based Macs come out very shortly. However I am currently running Roon on a nearly (2013) ten year old MacBook Pro running Mac OS 10.15.7. I this has stock 8Mb of Ram and a 3GHz Intel i7 processor.
I understand this is the oldest supported Mac OS.

Roon insists on leaving a giant .dmg disc image file on my desktop. I launch Roon from a shortcut. What happens pretty regularly is the shortcuts go ‘dead’/ default/generic and rather than the Roon logo on the shortcut you get the generic Mac OS shortcut logo. This happened multiple times per week. All good, I open the disk image on the desktop, I drag the icon to my apps folder and all is good. Occasionally I delete the serval other Roon shortcuts that have gone ‘dead’ in my apps directory. each time that happened that would entailed Roon losing all but three of my albums. Generally I just click out of and back into albums and all my albums reappear. Sometimes I have restart the whole machine, relaunch (sometimes reinstall) Roon and then go into the menu and click the ‘albums’ link there to get them all back. Until recently, that generally works.

As Peter Sellers once famously said: “not anymore.”

I had to re sign in two plus weeks back now. That was new. Then, no matter what I did, I only have three albums. I quit and relaunched Roon. I restarted multiple, read a dozen plus because this had always previously solved this problem times. Nuthin’. I tried to go into my account thinking ‘hey I had to sign in, maybe if I sign back out and sign in again, I can get all my albums back’. Wrong. Now, no matter what I do, this is al I get

Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 12.02.04 PM.png

I tried to search for a particular album, I string trio version of Bach’s Brendenburg Concertos just to be able to listen to music for a bit. I cannot find that album via search?

How shall I proceed please?

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I’m afraid that screenshot is not showing up in your post. Here’s how to include screenshots in a post:

It would also help the Support team to diagnose your issue if you filled out the rest of the support template. And where are your albums stored? On the Mac or elsewhere? Thanks.