Roon core disconnection issue

Core Machine

SOtM sMS-1000SQ Eunhasu (Intel Atom CPU, SSD 256GB, RAM 4GB)

Description of Issue

The SOtM sMS-1000SQ and NAS (Synology DS218+) are connected by Ethernet via a router. I am using sMS-1000SQ as roon core and playing music by setting the path of settings->Storage->Music Folder to NAS. The 4TB music source is stored on the NAS. However, a problem occurs during use. Often, the connection to the roon core is disconnected, or the message “This drive is not available. Check the drive or edit this folder if it’s been moved” appears on the Storage screen, and music playback is interrupted. This problem does not occur when playing music stored on the sMS-1000SQ internal SSD. Using the desktop as a roon core to play music stored on the NAS does not cause any problems. This problem occurs only when the sMS-1000SQ and NAS are connected.
The issue does not occur when connecting another NAS. Is there any possibility that there is a problem with the hardware or settings of the NAS (DS218+)?

I am considering buying a NUC. If I use NUC as roon core and SOtM sMS-1000SQ as roon ready to play music stored on NAS, will the problem be solved?

This CPU is way way under spec for a Roon Core…so probably try it on a better spec machine before you go buying a NUC…Any recent PC/Mac of the last 5 years or so will be more than adequate I think you will find.

how big is your library in tracks?

Hi @Kyunghee_Kim

As mentioned above, your Core machine is definitely a bit under what we recommend. If you have another device that meets our requirements that you could use as a test, that would definitely be a good start!