Roon core disconnects after restore to ROCK [resolved]

@support ROCK was installed on a NUC (the i7 version that was recommended in the documentation) and the db that was previously on my PC was restored to the NUC. Remotes (either the original PC or iPhone remotes) connect to Roon Core on the ROCK without issue and the db loads fine. But then every 60 seconds or so the remotes disconnect and then after 10 seconds reconnect.

It seems like the disconnect happens at the tail end of an initial scan of the db, usually around 23,000 of 29,000 tracks.

Here are the logs:

Can you try to temporary remove album 070 # Physical Graffiti from the watched folder and see if things are getting better ?

Here is the full path to this album according to your logs:

/library/Rolling Stone 500/Led Zeppelin/070 # Physical Graffiti/

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For some reason the NAS required a restart after restoring from the NAS to ROCK. After NAS restart everything worked fine. The corrupt files were a red herring. There was just something wrong with the file system on the NAS. I suspect files were locked or memory was low. In any case, hope this helps someone else…