Roon core disconnects often after MacOS Ventura

After upgrading MacOS to Ventura 13.1, Roon core often disconnects, especially after the current audio zone is gone. I have to touch the Roon Core in my Mac Mini so that the Roon App in iPad can see my core again.

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I think I found the root cause. After upgrading to MacOS Ventura on my MacMini, its default power saving mode could turn the device to sleep when the display is off. And when the device go to sleep and resume, I have to touch the Roon Core application to wake the service up.

In MacOS Ventura, the System Setting had a major UI change. There’s no way to disable sleep in Power or Energy Saver tab.
To prevent the system from sleep, go to Display > Advance > Energy section: “Prevent automatic sleeping when the display is off.”

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