Roon core does not recognize my account and does not play from Qobuz anymore after software update

Hello all,

I am running a Roon core on my iMac 27 2011 and I am running the latest Roon built.

Since the update it does not find my Roon account and it does not play any music from my qobuz account despite the fact that I have the Qobuz account enabled in Roon software and it shows it as enabled.

My network connection via ethernet is running fine on this iMac.

I have already done a Roon core software reinstallation without any improvement. Same issue.

This is very frustrating, since before that I loved your software.

Please help.


In addition to this: I get the message: “Metadata Improver: Halted. Roon needs a software update.”

But it when checking software version it says that I am running the latest software 1.7 (528)

Hi @Sven_Furrer,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Is there any change if you reboot the iMac?

Hello Dylan,

thank you for coming back on this topic.

I am using a Fritzbox 7390 router for the internet access. The iMac 27 is connected via ethernet cable. There is a TP-Link switch in between.

Yesterday I setup my Macbook Pro instead of the iMac as a core using the same ethernet LAN and it works perfectly as a Roon core.

This is really weired to me.

Rebooting the iMac had not solved the issue.

For now I am happy to use my Macbook Pro as a core. So no longer any urgency. But nevertheless since so many users experience this error it might be of interest for you guys to analyse this in depth.

Thank you for your help


Same issue for me: Metadaten Improver…

very frustrating. spinning sync circle, cannot access qobuz and my user account will not get recognized. What kind of network error should this be? I am hooked up via ethernet and all other software requiring internet access work perfectly.

Please get this sorted out and come back to me.

Hello @Sven_Furrer, what versions of the Mac OS are you running on these devices? Do you have a different firewall configured on them? A VPN running on either of them? We’re trying to see what could be different between these two devices and if you think of something let me know!

Good Morning Nuwriy, I have the following specifications:

iMac 27 Mid2011 3.4 GHz i7 running on macOS Sierra 10.12.6, 8GB RAM
Macbook Pro Mid 2012 2.6 GHz i7 running on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2, 16GB RAM

Thank you guys for looking into this.

Sorry, I forgot: no different firewall, no VPN

Hello @Sven_Furrer,

I’d like to see logs from both the iMac that is experiencing the issue and from the Macbook Pro that is working as expected. We can take a look and see what stands out between the two.

Use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using this link. When you add the logs to this folder, please label which log belongs to what device. Thanks!

Hello nuwriy,

I installed your latest built (536) and you you know what: Error has gone, everything works fine again.

Thanks a lot for your help guys.

Awesome! Let us know if you need help in the future.

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