Roon Core does not see USB DACs on startup of Windows PC


My system:

Windows 10 Pro
8-core Intel i7-7700 CPU @3.60GHz
64 bit system
Motherboard - ASUSTek Strix Z720E Gaming
Sound controller - AudioQuest Dragonfly Enabled, Realtek High Definition Audio Enabled; NVIDIA High Definition Audio Disabled

Roon Core installed on PC
Version 1.7 Build 610
Music Library on USB External HDD, 50K tracks

USB DAC on PC: either AudioQuest Dragonfly or Halide HD USB DAC (one connected to PC at a time)
DAC connected to Aperion Audio Allaire speakers by audio cable (Bluetooth not used)

Windows Defender Firewall defaults to Norton Software. Norton Firewall allows both ROON and RAAT.

When I first started using Roon about a year ago, I had no problems. Over the last 3-4 months (after a Windows update, I believe), I have been experiencing a regular problem where ROON does not see either USB DAC upon boot up. Other programs (VLC, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premier Pro, Audacity) all see the DAC without any issues. Only ROON is having an issue seeing any USB DAC. The problem occurs only when the machine boots up. Once I fiddle and somehow get ROON to see the DAC, it works fine while the PC is up and running. If the PC is rebooted for whatever reason, ROON does not see the DAC. It happens every time I boot up the PC.

When ROON starts up, it would ask to select audio zone. It recognizes both my Aries LE and my Aries Mini on my network, connected wirelessly; but does not see either DAC (Dragonfly or Halide) connected directly on the USB port of the PC. Both DACs work fine in other systems and both DACs work fine once ROON sees them.

I have tried the following when I encounter the problem:

  1. Plug the DAC into another USB port
  2. Switch DACs
  3. Disable Norton Firewall
  4. Reboot ROON
  5. Disable and or enable sound controllers on Device Manager, which sees both Realtek and either DAC I use.
  6. Reboot the PC

I have tried any and all of these in various combinations. Hence “fiddling.” The results are inconsistent. Sometimes one of the above works, sometimes a combination works. There is no clear pattern I can discern.

When I finally get ROON to see the DAC, I sing praises, have a drink, play music and try not to shut down my computer. Needless to say, this is a very annoying issue. There is also the contingent problem where my family cannot boot my the PC and play music if I am not around.

I would dearly appreciate any suggestion which could permanently solve the problem.

Regards and many thanks.

Hello @Lallan_Samaroo, and thanks for the detailed report! It sounds like Norton might be blocking you, can you try adding program exceptions again to make sure?

Hi Nuwriy,

Thanks for your prompt response.

I went to Norton Firewall, blocked both ROOM and RAAT and shut down ROON and restarted. It did not work. I got the same issue of ROON not seeing Dragonfly DAC.

Here is a screenshot of ROON> Setting> Audio:

Sorry. I should have said that I added back ROON and RAAT to Norton Firewall allowed programs, then restarted ROON.


I have been reading numerous posts going back three years relating to this issue. Rather by accident, I noticed one post which enquired whether the OP used Sonic software. I recalled seeing Sonic 3 software on my machine, checked and found that it was in fact set to start up upon boot up. So I went in and deleted it from startup. Since then, ROON has worked perfectly. I have restarted ROON several times and I have rebooted my PC several times and each time ROON works just fine. It seems that there is a conflict between Sonic software (an ASUSTek product) and ROON. It also seems that other ASUSTek products (such as realtek) conflict with ROON, at least in some instances.

I respectfully and strongly recommend that you try to get a fix between ASUS and yourselves. It appears that a large number of your customers are afflicted by this issue (from the many posts that I read) and that there is no easy and clear diagnosis. Often it feels like we are shooting in the dark. The issue affects only ROON, so it would be in your interest to delve into this.

Having said all that, I am very pleased with the ROON product and with the service I generally receive from ROON staff.

All the best.

Hello @Lallan_Samaroo, and thanks for the feedback here! I have added this information to our internal tracker and passed it to the team for further review.

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