Roon Core Freezing on Lenovo

I have same problem. Roon core after sterting freeze. Lenov X230 Notebook intel 4000 Graphics card.
Any suggestion?

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HI Groza,

I have moved your post to a new thread so that support will see it, instead of it being buried in a resolved thread.


As to your issue, try downloading the 32 bit version of Roon instead of the 64 bit version, if you haven’t tried that. It seems to work better with the 4000 graphics chip

Hello @Groza_Gabor, give Rugby’s recommendation a try and let us know if that helps.I’ll keep an eye out for your response!

Hello @nuwriy
32bit version works fine.
This version good for me? 64bit version not better sound quality?

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Hello @Groza_Gabor, if the 32-bit version is working for you then let’s keep that one. There shouldn’t be a difference in sound quality between 32 &64 bit, it just comes down to what your OS prefers.

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