Roon Core got logged out after rebooting NAS

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
v1.7 (build 667) on Synology NAS

Description Of Issue
After I rebooted my NAS, Roon Core is no longer logged in. How do I recover it? I have daily backup of entire RoonServer directory, but have never backed up from Roon…

11/15 19:46:19 Trace:  [broker/accounts]   doing auth refresh in EnsureAuthReady, next=11/16/2020 4:46:19 AM
11/15 19:46:20 Warn: [auth] EnsureAuthReady failed: Result[Status=NotLoggedIn]

Hi @Weinong_Wang,

If you connect to Roon from a remote are you able to log in? If not, are you seeing an error message?

it asked me to connect. Once I clicked Connect, it asked me to login. Once I logged in, it showed

Hello @Weinong_Wang, you are safe to click the unauthorize button and sign back into your core, this will not cause a loss of data. Let me know if doing so gets things going again for you!


yes, it fixed it! thank you!

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