Roon Core (iMac) to Onkyo PR-Rz5100 via Ethernet?

My Roon Core is my iMac running (OSX 10.13.6); my main room listening is via an Onkyo PR-Rz5100 AV preamp. Roon only shows AirPlay or Chromecastr connections, either of which works as expected. How can I make the Roon Core use wired Ethernet instead? (The Ethernet connection works fine from other SW servers running on the iMac.)

Hello @D_Kumin and welcome to the forum.

Both of them should work, wired or wireless AFAIK and are all you can expect/get in combination with Roon. Roon does not speak uPnP/DLNA and your Onkyo can’t understand RAAT.

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