Roon Core Installation Issue with Imac (ref#GBVMRA)

Affected Product


Roon Core Platform


Roon Core Specifications

Imac 64 bit

Connected Audio Devices

I used Naim Atom headphones edition via ethernet cable

Home Network Details

I used a vidotron router, but will change next week for virgin optical. I used a linear power supply for the router

Roon Issue Category

Installation or Setup

Description of Issue

As my Imac is used like core, every update cut the application. Then i have to restart it.

Hi, @Justin_Matte, thank you for the report. Could you, please, elaborate this statement?

Does it mean that the application crashes during the update process or are there any hangs/freezes during the update process?



Hello it’s mean that after the update i have to restart the application on my mac.
It’s not a big problem. thanks

Thank you, so in case Roon app takes an update you have to reboot it twice to make it work? Or you meant that in case you take an update, Roon does not restart automatically and you have to launch it manually?



Yes thanks