Roon Core intermittently shows up as 'initializing'

From time to time Roon hangs up… mostly without any identifiable reason. Setup here is Roon Core running on a MacMini (high spec, current model), watching two folders (one FLAC / one mainly ALAC) on a QNAP NAS - with a couple of remotes running on Mac kit.

When the music stops, I normally find that the remote claims that the core is ‘initializing’, and it shows amber in the library selection screen. In the most recent instance of the problem, the system simultaneously stopped communicating with the ID41 card in the Meridian 818 (which is where I was listening) - and neither remote or core could see that output.

On each occasion this has happened, the only solution has been to restart the core, which returns things to normal.

Help / advice? Thanks

What firmware is your ID41 running ?

Assume all wired network ?

Assume Sooloos core of switched off ?

The 818 is running 3.26 (so a little out of date - got Audio Images coming to update it soon) - but note that the issue I am reporting has happened before, when I wasn’t trying to play through the ID41

Network is wired via a Netgear switch between Core, QNAP NAS and two of the Apple PC remotes (The remote this morning was running wireless, although about a foot from the main Airport Base Station) Again, the problem has happened before, including on one of the wired remotes

There is no Sooloos core in the system or even in the house now….

Hope that helps

What is the ID41 version (not the 818). Just browse to the IP address of the ID41.

Older few versions had some odd issues.

The ID41 says:
Software Version 1.1 build 162 / Hardware Version 2.1

As before, I’ve also had this problem when using other endpoints (e.g. the Apple iMac remote)

Only other late-breaking thought is that I have Minimserver installed on the QNAP NAS, although it is switched off. Let me know if you think that may have some bearing on the problem.

Probably worth getting the ID41 updated to 163. However, my hunch is that something is occurring on your core machine. E.g. A sleep, a.n.other task kicking in, etc

The Roon guys will have to advise what that might be.

OK, thanks. I’ll check on Activity Monitor when (if!) the problem hits again