Roon Core - iPhone 11 Pro Max

Hello. Is it currently possible, or will it be possible in the near future to house Roon Core in an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? This would drastically simplify the user experience for me.

Thank you!

Hi @Timothy_Holley,

It is not possible to use an iOS device as your Roon Core. For more details on requirements, please see this KB article:

The current iPhones have more compute power than the original Cray 1 supercomputer! Why can’t they be Roon Cores? I use Roon at home, and I love it. One of the best features is not having to remember whether I have the album in my own library or it’s in a streaming service. I lose all that when I go mobile. I use a Chord Poly/Mojo for mobile, and have nearly a thousand albums stored on an SD card in the Poly. I’d be happy with a “restricted capabilities” Roon core on my iPhone. I just find it very frustrating to have to give up “the Roon experience.”

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