Roon core is not able to recognize a networked HDD

Hi everyone,

First post here.
I’m a BluOS user, owning a Node 2i which works really well but forces me to stream music to my Devialet 120 via SPDIF.
In the quest to review the strategy of my streaming chain (to play music from my local library and online services) I decided to try Roon.

During the Summer, I activated the 2 weeks free trial, to terminate it before time due to an annoying number of drop outs that I experienced running Core on my MacBook Pro and streaming to the Devialet via Ethernet.
Otherwise my library, stored on an HDD that is USB connected to an AirPort Extreme, was quickly found and music quality was good (at least, undistinguishable to me from the Node via coax).
With the 3months/$1 promotion, I decided to give Roon a second chance.
My networked HDD, once recognized, cannot be validated any longer by Roon and I cannot find a way to access to the music stored there.

Any idea on how to troubleshoot?
Thanks in advance!

There are some helpful tips here:

I seem to recall that Apple networking gear has issues with Roon, but I don’t recall the details.

Thanks for your reply.

Well, what to say:
If the issue were my (flawlessly working) Apple based network, then Roon is truly not for me.
Specially when BluOS has not given an issue in almost one year of use!

By the way, this is what I find (just to clarify the issue)

Basically, the HDD is there, never moved, accessible to my Node 2i, but somehow Roon does not allow me to access to it (it used to, the first time I tried Roon in the Summer)

Can you show us a screen shot of the folder “music” on the share “Valerio” on the host “MUSIC” from your Explorer/Finder, please?
Do you use credentials to access this folder from BluOS?

Hi Mikael,

At the moment I cannot provide extra screenshots since I am at work and I do not have access to my core.

But to answer your question:
That path that you see is the same as with BluOS. That is how the Core recognized the library originally (I just can’t remember if it came out from an automated scan or if I typed those coordinates). The only thing that happened now is that I reactivated my Roon: that’s why those info are there, but, somehow, Roon cannot access to the content of the HDD.
I also tried to change the directory, copy/pasting the coordinates from Finder as instructed in the Roon online resources. But it was a no go.

Is this what you wanted to see?

Is valerio the computer name? If so shouldn’t it be \valerio\music?

Hi Ged,

No, it’s not the computer name. The HDD is directly plugged via USB to the router and it is a network shared resource.

Thank you! And you are running the Core on the Mac where you took the screenshot?
I seem to remember some people having issues attaching a network share simultaneously as the share is “mounted” to same Mac where the Core is running.
Do you need credentials to access the Valerio share?

Yes, the Core runs on that same Mac.
To me the biggest oddity is that everything went smoothly when I originally installed Roon back in the Summer… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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