ROON Core is not updated (923->931)

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Synology DS920+, 20GB RAM.



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The version I’m using is 923, and when I try to update 931, it doesn’t update and remains as 923.
And even after restarting by clicking ‘Click here to relaunch’ as ​​above, it is still 923.

I have previously installed Roon Core on my PC and have moved the backup to NAS Synology DS920+ to use it.
However, it says that another core is being used as shown below.

I checked the installation menu on PC and it is set to remote installation.

The initial menu keeps repeating that there is something to update like this 2-3 days ago.

Please answer how to solve this problem.

It appears you are showing two instances of Roon running on your Windows PC (two Cores, two Remotes, both sharing the same IP address). Is this accurate? Can you close the Windows applications and restart the Core and see what shows up? Are you running the single Windows app or separate Roon Server and Remote apps?

The IP of Roon Core uses ‘’.

PC is remote and its IP is ‘’.

The same thing is happening on PC, iPad and iPhone.

Is your Core on the NAS or on a PC? How may PC Remotes are you supposed to have, one or two?

The IP of ‘This PC’ is ‘’.
RoonCore is installed on the NAS.

The version update issue seems to have been resolved.

Once installed on NAS DS920+, the package was ‘RoonServer_Synology_DSM7_x86-64_20211105.spk’.

I reinstalled this with the latest package ‘RoonServer_Synology_DSM7_x86-64_20220216.spk’.

As shown below, the latest version is applied.

I haven’t checked the version yet, so I don’t know if the problem has been completely resolved.

OK, good to see and thanks. It appears your issue with apparent duplicate Cores and Remotes also was resolved.

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