Roon Core is Unstable

Was that the ARP cache in the managed switch or the server? Helps point people in the right direction if they do a search on a similar issue!

Or just recommend turning off everything in the chain, counting to ten, and slowly powering it all back up again…

I do not understand root cause. Saying “network” or “managed switch” is not to point at an actual explanation of the problem.

These drop events, which would reoccur about every 60 seconds, began on a mature, stable network that hadn’t undergone any recent changes. And, no manner of power cycling cleared the problem.

I made two changes, which have resulted in a return to stabile operation: Placed an unmanaged switch in the path between Core and Bridge (though the managed switch continues in place) and delegated the Core a new IP (which would have had the effect of clearing the relevant entires in the ARP cache).

What I should do next is remove the unmanaged switch and see if the problem returns. My suspicion is that it will not. Why do I think this? Because the Web UI just stays up, when before it would go down during the drop events – and to reach the Web UI from my point of observation requires transiting a path over the managed switch, which is why I do not think the managed switch has played a role in these trouble. That said, so many times have I been wrong before and expect to be again. :face_with_monocle:

I’d be curious to know more about the networking between Core and Bridge.

I can’t answer too many of your questions except to say that in my opinion the reason why managed switches are disliked in relation to Roon is because it is difficult to understand why Roon will misbehave with them in circuit.

Multicasting is important to Roon, often not important to other home applications, and frequently messed up by managed switches and some routers.
I don’t pretend to understand all this, but learned a LOT from the posts from @ipeverywhere in this thread, starting around post #10.

Why are you using static addressing?

If you are using a static IP, this could be part of the problem.

What you want is to set address reservation in your router software. It will accomplish what a static IP would, but without the possibility of IP address collision that would occur when DHCP tries to assign your static IP to another device.


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