Roon core no longer discoverable on iPhone/iPad

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus, Roon 1.8

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Ideon Streamer

Number of Tracks in Library

Streaming only

Description of Issue

Nucleus and Streamer not discoverable on home network.


As a troubleshooting measure, try rebooting your network router and network switches etc. and the the Nucleus and streamer.

Are you able to see the Nucleus (and streamer) on your network using a network scanner app such as Fing?

Thanks for responding Carl. I have tried the reboots and scan app with no luck. The scan app suggests my difficulty may be due to changes in the operating system brought on with the last update. This is very frustrating as all my devices were discoverable automatically prior. I am also prevented from seeing what IP Addresses were assigned.

For the Nucleus itself I understand this, and it could even be that no IP address been assigned to it, if it not booting correctly or if there is a LAN issue.

For your Streamer and any other devices, I’m not really following you, they should all be visible in your routers “connected devices” page and discoverable by the Fing app. If they are not this suggests a wider issue with your LAN.

How are these other devices, that are not showing up in Fing, configured IP address wise (static or DHCP assigned)?

Going back to the Nucleus, can you connect a HDMI screen, take and then upload a image of it to here.
This will help to diagnose what state the Nucleus is in.

Hello Carl, unfortunately this is getting a bit too complex for me. My only interface with the Nucleus is my iPad Pro. I did connect a monitor through the HDMI port but all I got on the screen was ROON in big bold letters. As the Nucleus had been working fine until suddenly it was not, I am assuming there is a problem with my LAN. I feel I need to bring in an experienced technician to sort things out. Again, I really appreciate your time and effort. Thank you very much.

HI @Alan_Asato,

It sounds like you did your part in hooking up a monitor via HDMI cable to your Nucleus. If you’re just seeing the logo, it’s likely a HW failure. I have checked and can confirm that your Nucleus isn’t responding to our account servers too.

I will send you a private message on how to proceed and close our thread.


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