Roon Core no longer findable via iOS app

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details


English electric 8 switch, connects core to audio hardware

Connected Audio Devices

Nain nd555, naim uniticore

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

All has worked without problem for months.
Suddenly iOS/MACOS roon apps cannot find core/nucleus
I can log on to core via net work - have attached screen shot
Get result: Roon Database & Settings = Not Ready
When i try to reset, it does so but says it cannot find ip address.

I also attached video to HDMI and took (slightly naff) screen shot of boot up.

Hope this is useful info - looking at previous posts is my ssd dead?

Many thanks for help

Would be really grateful for some response from Roon support.

I suspect Roon Database and settings =Not Ready, means my SSD is dead, but am getting no help from anyone round here.

As far as I can see this looks the same … but before I take my nucleus back to the shop, I thought some confirmation would be useful.

Nucleus Problem - Roon Database and Settings Not Ready

Hi Chris -

I can confirm that after trying various steps which didn’t work, with the assistance of forum helpers and tech support, I was instructed to return the unit to the dealer, and they replaced the whole shebang.

The new Nucleus has worked perfectly since then (June).

Good luck!


Oops - forgot: the problem that was diagnosed was a faulty SSD.


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Many thanks for your confirmation, and taking the time to respond. Much appreciated.

I followed most of your checks in the link as far as I could and got the same results. So I think it is the same: Dead SSD

Would be really nice if the official support would review this and comment.

Very glad your new Nucleus has worked well … hopefully I’ll be back on Roon one of these days


Hey @waybop, @support will be back in the office this week.

Thanks for trying out those steps in the meantime. I’m sure they’ll want to gather more information about the unit since this does point to a faulty SSD.

To get the process going for them, do you remember where you purchased the unit?

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Hi, thanks for your input. The supplier was Oxford Audio Consultants in the UK. I have already been in touch with them.

Look forward to getting it sorted :slight_smile:



hi @waybop ,

Thank you for reaching out to your Dealer, they should coordinate on next steps.

Hello Jamie,

Input from someone on the Roon payroll is most welcome.

Yes, the Roon Nucleus is now with my local dealer, who has been extremely helpful and responsive.

I hope Roon will be equally responsive in sorting and replacing the defective Nucleus.



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Hello again @waybop,

Now that the unit is with the dealer replacement should be smooth sailing. Thank you for your courtesy and patience. :v:t2:

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