Roon core no longer sees my Sonos audio device

With the latest update my Roon core no longer sees my Sonos audio device. How can I correct this.



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In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Hi @gdolin,

Echoing @carl here, if you could provide more details about your setup it would be a big help! Additionally:

  • Are other devices showing up okay?
  • Is there any change after a reboot of the Core?
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See the linked hread and it’s linked threads.

There is an issue with Sonos since latest 1.8

Reboot of core will bring them back but they will then disappear again at some short random interval.

I am using a Mac Mini as my Roon core. It is connected to my network via ethernet cable. My Modem/Router is from Spectrum. The mac mini is connected to my Chord Hugo TT2/M-Scaler via USB cable. I am running Roon version 1.8 build 814.

I have rebooted everything and the Sonos does not appear as a device when I select “Audio” in settings

Thanks, Gary

Hi @gdolin, we’ve enabled some advanced diagnostics on your account so we can take a closer look at what’s happening here. Can you please give your Core machine a reboot and then follow these steps:

Please note the exact local time + date when this issue next occurs and the name of the track that was playing and upload your Roon Logs by using these instructions. The best way to get them over to me would be via Dropbox / Google Drive, but if you don’t have either service please let me know and I can provide alternate upload instructions.

I am experiencing the exact same issue.
I am running a Mesh Netgear Orbi network.
My Roon core is running on a Asustor NAS which is ethernet connected to my AP.
All my Sonos devices disappear within minutes after restarting my roon core.
All my wireless connected devices like Sonos, Kef LS50W the Roon core is not seeing them after 1.8 latest update. Any ethernet audio connected device is working fine.

I am having trouble finding the Roon Logs, but I don’t think they will help. This is not an incident that occurs and any given time. I simply cannot connect to my Sonos box. When I go into Settings/Audio, the Sonos device does not appear at all.

Hello @gdolin ,

Roon logs on a Mac are located under the ~Library/Roon/Logs path as per our Logs guide:

Can you please let us know the exact local time + the date you notice them missing? This is helpful when cross-referencing logs for any error messages. Even if it occurs at any given time, please let us know when you open Settings/Audio and notice them missing, thanks!

Anybody in this thread had 1) any joy getting their sonos zones to stay up? And 2) any further info from @support since sending logs in!?

Hi @ogdens_sliced ,

We continue to investigate this behavior, but we are wondering if setting up IP Reservations in the router for the affected devices helps with this behavior. If you are able to set up Reserved IP, please do let us know if it helps with the issue, thanks!

Hello @noris

All of my networked devices have reserved IP already.
They always have done.
All the sonos devices have the same IP reservations that that had before last 1.8 update.
Nothing has changed on my network apart from the fact that Roon can no longer keep hold of the sonos devices - yet all other clients can and do.

After a second rebuild of the network I am now just a few hours short of 5 days uptime for Roon and Sonos.


still going AWOL several times a day here :+1:

Trust me I feel your frustration, and I’m dreading if my drop offs come back

Hopefully they are getting enough pointer’s to the cause of it

This may turn out to be the kiss of death but my Sonos devices have been available for the last 3 days.

Only thing I did 3 days ago was:

  • remove devices from Roon
  • remove reserved IP for Sonos devices
  • restart network
  • reassign reserved IP for Sonos devices
  • restart network
  • add devices back to Roon.

Kind of missing restarting ROCK several times a day now… :roll_eyes:


This is exactly what happened to me about 2 weeks ago that got me to do a second rebuild (and send log files to support to see if it could help find a fix)
Not that you want to hear this but my Sonos on Roon have now been up for 8 day’s now.

Do you have Boost or anything Sonos related plugged into the Ethernet?
Also do you have a Mesh network?

Something to try is to unplug any Ethernet plugged in anywhere related to Ethernet and turn off your Sonos.

Factory reset one (I have about 10 but picked the one that was plugged in to the main router) and only had to do one.

Set it back up only connected to WiFi so that SonosNet is not running and get everything working and add it back to Roon.
Turn on your other Sonos devices and see them connect and appear in Roon.

While I cannot say I have 100% fixed it I have played 30 hours of music this week with not a single issue.

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