Roon Core not found (SonicTransporter)

Yes, what you said is correct.

Hi @David_Warner ---- Thank you for the follow up and verifying that information for me. Appreciated!

Did you by chance review the link I provided above? Can you confirm where you have been saving your Roon backups? Another user in that thread reported the same behavior and it ended up being caused because they were saving backups to the ST’s root folder, rather than /storage, which eventually filled up and caused problems.


I did review that thread, but I have no idea about saving the backups. Is that something that is done automatically? I also sent Andrew a copy of this thread in case he may have additional insight.

Hi @David_Warner ---- Thanks for touching base with me and giving the provided link a read. Very appreciated!

Roon backups are configured from within the application and can be done as a “one time shot” or they can be put on a schedule so that the Roon database get backup automatically on a schedule. I would normally be able to tell by taking a look at your “backups” tab via a screenshot but being as you are unable to connect to the ST via remote this is not possible.

Do you recall setting this feature up when you started with Roon by chance? Furthermore, has Andrew been able to offer any advice? He would have more access into the device (i.e ST) then we would.


Andrew accessed my server and found a corrupted file and repaired it for me. Thank you for your help. So glad to have my music back!

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