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I cannot start with roon. I have a T+A MP 8. It is a streamer with roon ready. Provided with newest updates. I donwloaded roon onto the windows 10 PC, installed it. When starting the roon software, a window opens “choose your roon core”. Even though the T+A is on and is in the “roon ready” mode, it cannot be found. Same network. Even when I type in the IP-Address (after having clicked on the help-button in the software), nothing happens (after having clicked on checking). What can I do in order to the core to be found? When I start the roon software on my pc, the ONLY window which is available is showing “choose your roon core” with blue underlined “find my roon core”. And this does not work. No other option of the software is available. What can I do?

It sounds like you have either just downloaded the client version of roon or have started it in client mode.
Go back to roon web site and download this one.

thank you for your help. Actually, this is the version I downloaded. At least I clicked this button. When downloaded, the file is called RoonInstaller64 with a size of 77.659 KB. Is it the wrong file?

I installed the file again and same window appears. No change. If I am automatically in client mode, how can I switch?

now I deleted the installation again, downloaded one more time and installed it. Same problem. No change.

Can you see something like this?:


If yes, then click on the blue button “Use this PC”.

thank you for your reply. Yes, this seems to work. Further down I could activate the M+A. I always thought the M+AMP8 is my core. Does it have to be the pc? Can I switch it to the M+A? Or do I ALWAYS need the pc to be turned on in order to control my input? Can I now add my Android and my Ipad to steer as well?

You can find Roon’s documentation here. There is also an article about Roon’s architecture and a Getting Started page.

The m+a is an endpoint. For roon you need a server too.

Thanks. Of course I read all the documentation. But it was not clear to me that I need a server. I always thought - and this is how I interpret the documentation - that my endpoint (the m+a) has the roon ready approval BECAUSE it is able to function as a core. Much more though: For me it made sense that it all comes together in the core (the m+a) - exactly as described in the documentation (see the responsibilities of the core). I then would need a Control - as described: “Roon’s rich user interface runs on Windows, OS X or macOS, Android, and Apple iOS.” This (I thought) is the ipad or the pc etc… In the documentation it never got clear (to me anyway) that the m+a is the endpoint and cannot be the core. I think the documentation is a little bit confusing. I am a business consultant and many of my clients face the same challenge: Their potential customers do not really understand the product. Maybe it is an idea to rework how roon is marketing itself. As long as there are people out there like me who do not quite understand how it works (for which reason whatever), roon is marketing itself with brakes on. Anyway, thanks for the help.

Thank you for this sentence. Now I think to understand. Now I will try to solve all the other questions I have. Thank you.

I’m very deeply in doubt that you did so. :wink: I’m now a Roon Customer for nearly two years and wouldn’t make such a statement – even if it might be true meanwhile.

The article Roon partner programs describes what “Roon Ready” and “Roon Tested” means. About the hardware requirements for Roon Cores: FAQ: What are the minimum requirements?

sorry, did so. Maybe I was thinking in the wrong direction. But as in FAQ: “Roon will run on just about any recent PC or Mac. Performance and quality of experience will depend on the siz…” This does not tell me that my m+a is not able to provide that - being a “core”. Ok, I am not an IT-expert, but I have contacted m+a and they told me that it should work as I had done it. It THEY do not understand, how can you expect that others do? In my opinion: the documentation is not suitible for many potential customers. That is my opinion. If roon thinks differnt - hey, its their business, I am only advising. And I am investing the time for free and giving roon the opportunity to think about what I and the company m+a believe how it should work. Advice for free to enhance market view - where do you get that? Are you from roon?

No. This is a community forum. I’m just another customer. You can recognize Roon staff by their avatar picture – a Roon logo.

well, thank you for your time and input

Whoever you spoke to at t+a was the wrong person.
Roon is the same as a number of hifi products that have been around for many years.
A control point needed to see and do things.
Server to serve up the views, control data and send it.
End points to receive and play music.

T+A have a roon section on their website talking about the need for a server and listing the capabilities of their equipment.

Hi @Andreas_Gross,

Apologies for any misunderstanding here!

As mentioned above the T+A is a Roon Ready, but not a Roon Core. You’ll need a Core machine to use Roon with your T+A device.

If you have any questions about this please let us know!

Thank you for your details. I had read that section, however I interpreted it different. I think roon is wrong in always taking about the “core”. This is confusing. In their world it might be clear, but for someone who is not familiar with all the possibilities out there, a clear language ist vital. For example: “If you want to use roon, you have to install it onto a pc or equivalent with the following IT-standard…” this would then also make clear, that a synology diskstation is also not likely to be ideal. Anyway, the right form of communication helps - and, indeed, this is also true for M+A - especially when they get contacted.

Thanks Dylan. This explains parts. Nevertheless, the description of goon ready or roon core are not ideal and I would recommend roon to change its communication in many aspects if it wants to reach out for people like me.

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