Roon Core not recognized after upgrade to Mac OS 12

Core Machine

Mac OS 12.0.1

Network Details

ASUS RT AC87 U wireless router

Audio Devices

Auralic Aries Mini streamer… wireless

Library Size

3042 tracks… I don’t think that includes the external hard drive that may have 400? CDs on it

Description of Issue

Everything was running fine on OS 14. Upgraded to OS 15 and didn’t use Roon for a while after that. Got some message that said something about the core maybe being new/different/unrecognized. I downloaded the .dmg file from the website which I presume is for the Core. It downloaded that file automatically, did not give me a choice to pick it. My Roon remote is my iPad as well as iphone and MacBook Air. My iPad says… Waiting for remote core. I only stream to one room. The core doesn’t show the Auralic Mini. My first time posting, so just getting used to how to do that

macOS 15? Latest stable version is 12.0.1

Perhaps they mean iOS 15 and Roon Remote? Although my Roon Remote works absolutely fine on iOS 15 (15.1 currently)…
@NickZ - do you mean iOS 15 (iPhone / iPad etc.) as Mac OS is only up to version 12 (Monterey).
I am currently still on Big Sur (Mac OS11.6 to be exact) and Roon 1.8 seems quite happy :slight_smile: - My Core is on an NUC rather than run on this Mac.

Sorry, I meant Mac OS 12 and the current version is 12.0.1
It is the machine on which the core runs

Ahah - I’m new to this forum, but if you can edit the title of this thread then you are more likely to get the help you are after.

Good luck!

Thank you… now edited. My first time posting

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No worries, good luck!
I’m holding off on upgrading myself as I use a 3rd party (Focusrite) audio interface to make music, and it took them over 6 months to officially support my M1 Mac after its release…
If you have a time machine then you should be able to ‘roll back’ to your previous OS?

It would also be a good idea to edit your original post to include the info under each sub-heading. It’s very difficult to offer any suggestions when we have no knowledge of your setup. If you can add it you’ll give us something to go on.

It would probably also help if you went through exactly what happened. I’m assuming you mean you recently upgraded to Mac OS 12 and Roon stopped working, but if you could expand on that it would be useful.

I just spotted another thread where someone is having difficulties with Tidal via Roon on Monterey, might be worth keeping an eye on that one too.

If you just did the MacOS update in App Store then fine, but if you reinstalled and imported a time machine backup to the new OS then thats an issue most likely

Thank you. Appreciate the help

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Yes, I likely updated via the App Store. I often go the Apple icon at the very top left and then click on software updates. I have never used Time Machine and asked an Apple level 1 support person about it last night.

I do have an email in to Roon support. I have a backup of Roon dated 11-14-21. Don’t know if it’s set to auto or manual backup… If I uninstall Roon from Applications, that should leave the Roon backup on the desktop alone and then I can reinstall theRoon Core .dmg file. Is that correct?

No worries dude!

Just for the heck of it, I opened Roon on my iPad today and my Auralic Mini streamer appeared again. I had rebooted Roon core, my desktop iMac and the Auralic Mini numerous times a few weeks ago without success. How it suddenly reappeared, I have no idea. I had the software for the core and remotes up to date.

Other than getting an emailed acknowledgment from Roon about my issue, they hadn’t gotten back to me. But I’m thrilled it appears to be working and will verify that when my company is gone in a few days. Thanks to you who posted trying to help me

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Glad it got itself magically sorted! Hurrah :smiley:

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