Roon Core not running as a service on Windows 11

I think I made a simple mistake with installation so I want to see how best to fix it.

Setup - Core running on AMD Ryzen-based Windows 11 Pro PC, 32GB RAM, 2TB local storage. Roon Remote running on latest generation 12.9" iPad Pro. PC/Core hard-wired 1Gbs to router. iPad connecting to router over strong WiFi. All devices on same subnet.

The Windows PC is my main desktop PC that I also use to run my Roon Core. I’ve just replaced this PC, previously I was running an 8th generation Intel i7 NUC commissioned in October 2018 where I had my Roon core running perfectly for years but unfortunately I’ve obviously fallen into a trap when I came to re-install Roon on my replacement Ryzen-based machine.

I clicked the big blue “Download for PC” button on this web page (Roon Software Downloads - PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS | Get it Now) and followed the instructions. It installed the client OK then asked me if I wanted to install the server/core on this machine (i.e. my new desktop PC) so I said yes and it did that too. My problem now though is that, unlike the setup on my previous machine, my iPad remote can only connect to a core if I have the Roon app launched on my PC. If I close the Roon window I see none of the Roon services running that were there on my previous setup.

I’m guessing that I should have scrolled down that downloads page a bit and downloaded “ROON SERVER - Windows 64 bit”. What is the best way to fix this? If I simply download and install the server package will that cleanly overwrite the current server I have installed and everything will work as expected (i.e. Roon server will auto-start on boot and stay running as a background service) without leaving any residual unwanted bloat from the previous server installation or should I uninstall everything, install the server package, and finally to get the client on my PC install the full package but this time say “No” when it asks me if I want to install the server?

Alternatively is there a way I can get the current server installation to auto-start on boot & run in the background? I went through all of the settings pages and couldn’t see any obvious way to do that.

The cleanest way would be to uninstall the current Roon install. And then install RoonServer. However, keep in mind, that it will not run as a service, the machine needs to be logged into. If you look through the forums, there are discussion on how to setup auto login to Windows based machines.

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Thank you. That worked perfectly on my second attempt. I actually messed up the first time and when I did the uninstall I only left the default first box ticked, delete program, but I left the 2nd box unticked so the uninstall didn’t delete all settings and databases. When I then did the clean install of the server package my iOS clients saw 2 instances of the Roon core running on my desktop PC, if I connected to one it asked me for the Roon login and if I connected to the second one I got straight in without needing to authenticate and saw my library. I then uninstalled everything again but this time also ticked the second box in the uninstall dialog to wipe all settings and databases.

After the next re-installation of the server package my clients then only saw a single instance of Roon Core on my network and connecting to it asked me to log in and set the location for my locally stored music files (it’s not at the default location) which is what I would expect for a fresh install on a new machine.

It looks as if all the “date added” dates for all of my albums have been set to today but I’m not particularly bothered about that, it’s more important to me that I have a clean install. Curiously all the waveform analysis for my locally stored music seems to be there, the Core didn’t go through the process of re-analysis all my local music files (unless it analysed 200GB of music in 30 seconds).

Anyway, I’ve pretty much ended up where I wanted to be so thanks for your help.

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