Roon core not seeing device connected to endpoint

I purchased a new imac and decided to keep my old one as the Roon Core. I reformatted the old computer and did a fresh/clean install of Roon (I did not use backup). Roon core up and running with my library rescanned. The core sees all my deivice (main system Dac, Apple Tv, etc)

My new iMac (2019 I9) has a fresh install as well (did not use migration ). So I downloaded the general OSX Roon software and upon opening, it sees my core, connects and all is well. I can play roon thru any audio device…EXCEPT the new iMac that I am running as an endpoint. It does not allow me (or sees) audio output thru my new imac internal output or any Dac I hook to the new iMac. I’ve allowed sharing disabled any firewire, etc. Audio media on new imac sees my dac that is connected to the new imac.

Am I missing something that is not allowing Roon to see devices on my endpoint? Should I be running Bridge or some other app?

Please help


Hi @Dale_Clark,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio when using the new Mac as a remote?

Can you confirm which version of Mac OS the new iMac is running?

Here you go. When I choose system output or Built in audio, it plays thru the roon core…not the imac that the remote is on. For some reason, I think the new imac thinks it’s the actual core. But it’s not. Plus an install from scratch on both machines…weird.

Hi @Dale_Clark,

While Roon may have been installed from scratch, were there any OS level settings / data that was restored from a backup or migrated over from the other Mac? Or was it a completely new install of the OS as well with no backups involved even outside of Roon?

Hi I did bring in os stuff from iCloud like key chain passwords, adobe preferences, etc. maybe something was attached to that? After clean install and saw the issue and I did remove Roon preferences and RAAT folder. Same thing.

Hi @Dale_Clark — I sent you a PM.

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