Roon Core not seeing my Meridian 818v3

Just got Roon Core installed on a new Pentium i5 machine, and signed up to try Roon. Roon Core is not seeing my Meridian 818v3, connection is the Network socket on the ID41 board. The cable network is good; I confirmed this with my old music playing computer. But plugged into the Meridian the light on my network switch is off. Disabling firewalls did not remedy. Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve

Hey @Steven_Parry, still having trouble here? If so, let me know as much detail as you can about your network:

  • Model names of routers/switches/range extenders/etc
  • How everything is connected (wifi or ethernet)
  • Active firewalls, VPNs, other custom stuff


Thanks. I “solved” it by using Roon Core on my new computer in the office where my internet comes into the house. Then a hard wire cat 5 goes into my music room into my old music playing Mac Mini, on which I installed Roon Bridge. Then USB into the MQA board on the back of the Meridian. It plays and sounds great. In fact, I just paid for a lifetime Roon subscription!


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