Roon Core Not seen Issue

I have Roon Core on my Mac mini 2018. I also have Roon on my Apple iphone12. When I turned on my Mac mini the morning Roon Core did not load. However Roon loaded on my iPhone. Unfortunately no music sound is coming out but the iPhone screen shows it playing…I have a lifetime subscription. What do I do?
Prestonore issue

Hi @Preston_Burke ,

Can you please clarify what you mean by “Roon Core did not load”? Do you see any specific error messages? Does the Roon “jellyfish” logo appear at all or does the app not start? Do you have any Backups of the Roon database?

OK the issue is with your Mac mini I would suggest.

Perhaps reinstall the Roon software on the MAC.

Also if you look under settings on your roon App you should see details and satus of your core.

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