Roon Core not showing any audio devices to connect to

I’m running Roon Core on Synology 918. Which is going really well :slight_smile: However none of my Chrome cast or Airplay devices show up as audio outputs. I can play to an airplay device via laptop or phone but that’s not what I want. Am I mistaken or should these devices be available to directly from the core straight to Chrome Cast or Airplay?

Maybe it’s a silly question but did you go into Audio Devices and enable them?

Under Settings/Audio there’s nothing available as “connected to core” or “Networked”. Should I have done something else first?

Roon Server on Synology does not play well with the vswitch feature enabled. If it is enabled it won‘t detect any airplay/squeezebox devices (I am unsure about chromecast).


Amazing. I’ve been going around in circles for hours. Killing the vswitch and restarting NAS enabled Roon to see Airplay and Chromecast devices. Thanks!

Hi Chris,
I discovered the same problem (no Chromcast, no Libratone Mini) but I need vSwitch enabled.

Are you able to fix that one the Roon Core side? Or ist something which should be addressed and fixed by Synology DSM?
Is this already known to Synology?