Roon Core not visible on network running on QNAP NAS

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Rogers Ignite Cable Modem (a Technicolor CGM4331COM)
NAS is hardwired to the modem; clients are wireless

Connected Audio Devices

Schiit Gugnir DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I’ve been running Roon on my QNAP NAS for a year and it’s always been rock solid.

For reasons I can’t explain, it has stopped working; I cannot see the server from any client (Mac, iPhone or iPad).

I’ve confirmed it’s running; version 1.8, build 943.

Nothing has changed in my home network.

I’ve also got Plex hosted on the NAS and it is working as it should throughout my home.

I’ve tried the usual stuff; restarts, etc.

I don’t know where to go to debug this one.

Any ideas?

Have you restarted the Nas itself?

yes. Powered down and back up.
All firmware updates are installed.

Hey @Rick_Blaiklock,

Ben here with the support team, it’s good to see you on the community again!

I wanted to check in and see if you were still running into issues with your core being recognized? If so, the first thing I would do is give your network and router a hard reboot. Often times we see the issue revolving around the core losing it’s IP address, or getting disconnected from the network.

I would also double-check your cables, ethernet port, etc.

We’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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I’ve tried rebooting everything, multiple times.
Still no luck.

Are there any logs I can provide to help diagnose what’s going on.

It’s been weeks now, and I miss my music!

Hey @Rick_Blaiklock,

Thanks for the update. I’d like to focus on steps to get your core updated to the latest build (988) which should happen automatically after giving it a reboot.

Becuase this isn’t happening, we’re unable to enable diagnostics on your account to review logs. We’ll need you to submit logs manually, please use the directions here to pull logs.

After doing so, please upload the logs to our Logs Upload Server and let me know when you’ve done so.

Thanks, Rick!

Just uploaded them. Thanks!!

Hey - I think I’ve almost made the problem go away

I pulled and re-seated every cable on my NAS and my DAC and headphone amp. My DAC USB plug was looser than I expected. I’m not sure what happened to cause that, but everthing is now set.

I can now find the Core, but my DAC isn’t an option to play music, even though it shows as a connected device on the NAS.

It briefly show as “Enabling” (on my Mac client), but then goes away. I’ve included a screen capture.

So we’re getting closer.

I will re-upload the logs.

Hey @Rick_Blaiklock,

Thanks for letting me know! Before doing anything else, please update your core to the latest build. From there, double check that you have the latest firmware installed on your DAC, and restart both your Core and DAC, and let me know if you’re still running into issues!

We’ll dig into your log files in the meantime to see what might be going on :+1:

Great news!

I updated the core and all the components and restarted everything and I’m back in business!

I’m listening right now!

Thanks for your help.


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@Rick_Blaiklock excellent news! I’m glad to hear things are working properly and you’ve got some music in your ears.

This thread will auto close in 48 hours, if you end up having any additional issues please follow up here within that time, and beyond that please open a new thread - we’ll be here to help!

Happy listening :pray:

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