Roon Core on FreeNAS 11.2

(David Hamby) #1

After running FreeNAS 11.2 for several months on my media storage server, I decided to give Roon Core another try in a BHYVE VM managed by the new 11.2 Virtualization GUI. It was a relatively uncomplicated experience.

  • VM creation was trivial following the Roon resource recommendations.
  • I installed Ubuntu 18.10 workstation minimal in the VM
  • Roon proved compatible with this version
  • Saving and restoring the database was a bit tricky as user access controls on Ubuntu Linux and FreeNAS got in the way
  • Roon seems not to write to CIFS shares but will happily read them.
  • Roon has no NFS skills but will work with NFS shares mounted during system startup
  • Roon would not write to NFS shares

Boy do I miss Yellow Pages. Sun YP allowed 5 minute Sun Workstation setups from picking up the box cutter to ready to rock.

The database workaround was to save to /tmp on the Ubuntu side, save to a stick, move to a CIFS share on my Mac, then restore from the share.

The new system is configured to backup to /var. I let Roon create the working directory so ownership and permissions would be right.

After this experience, I think I know why Roon runs as root rather than as a dameon user. No file permission worries other than directory traverse. (x permission for directories).


Hi David,

thanks for sharing your experience ! I also just set up my roon core on my FreeNas Debian VM and it works flawless!