Roon core on imac, air Ethernet into Dev or SBT/pi USB

Hi, been running roon from my iMac upstairs using devialet air Ethernet into devialet.
It plays fine with no drop outs, only thing it has issues with is no DoP via Ethernet (I know it’s not supported)for my small collection of DSD files but not a huge deal as I mostly stream Tidal only.
I tried out my SBT via USB and this obviously supports DoP.
Trying to figure out what the best option would be as I also have a pi 2 with hifiberry Digi+ for sound quality.
Haven’t really noticed any major differences in my setup, has anyone else messed around with these 3 different setups and what are your opinions of so?

You will get more responses at

instead of here.

Thanks, I am a member already but seen as how this is a devialet sub area I thought I’d might ask people’s opinions with regards to roon on here, no surprise it’s pretty quiet in this area though, devialet themselves don’t say much either.

The Devialet is going to convert the DSD to PCM anyway so for the small amount you have I’d just have Roon convert it.

I personally just let HQPlayer do it and I have a rather large DSD collection.