Roon core on Mac mini 2020 with macOS Catalina

Mike, thank you. I think I try a Intel NUC 10 with i7 - 10710U, 1 TB internal SSD, 32 GB RAM and Windows 10 preinstalled. All in all for Euro 1030.00 I will download the sinny core only version only.
Nice day, Lambert

You will need Rock with a NUC, not the Mac server software. Good luck :wink:

I am the creator of the thread you are quoting, the issue is NOT Catalina, the issue is Roon consuming the 100% of the GPU resources, happens to Mojave users as well as reported don’t remember if in my thread or another that was merged into it.

If I was @Lambert_Brunner I won’t move a thing to MacOS until Roon fixes the CPU (High CPU Usage on Mac Mini 2018) and GPU issues.

I’m quoting people who stated irregularities mentioned in your thread - a); constant issues with macOS Catalina been reported all across all community boards, as well as the issues I’m relating to - high CPU usage, high RAM usage, power consumption increasing — eg - b); The fact that haven’t run into somebody’s reporting such doesn’t mean that it never happened (survivorship boas).

Your techradar link is pure sensationalist clickbait rubbish, and “quoting people” doesn’t make your argument anymore plausible than my arguably “survivorship boas”. But whatever… in a couple of weeks there’ll be an all new macOS release (Big Sur) to rubbish.

Roon says a fix is on the way…

yup, super exited about hearing from a potential fix!
thanks @mikeb

I use beta Catalina 10.15.6 on my 2012 MAC Mini and it works FLAWLESSLY! I run it on 12VDC with a 1GB SSD and a 1TB HDD for back up! 2.6GHz i7 Quad Core with 16 GB RAM. It’s dedicated to Roon.

This setup has allowed me to enjoy many many more hours of music than when I had crappy players like Audirvana and Pure Music! These players could not hold Roon’s Jock…IMHO!


The Verge:


And numerous others

If you don’t consider ’survivorship bias’ as a valid argument, additionally can’t spell it right, we have nothing to talk about. Cheers!

Well, it was you who spelled it wrong. You were just cited by @mikeb


Hello Mike, do I connect the Intel NUC via WLAN or LAN Cable to the router? Or does it not matter?

Thanks so much for your support!


Dunno how long Iv had Roon for now but my Mac mini has worked flawlessly with it. I already had it so I’ll agree something else could be cheaper if you are starting out. I don’t know why some people are so negative at times when there is so much evidence (several people’s current experiences) saying otherwise.

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this looks to had been fixed by 610 @Lambert_Brunner :partying_face:

Mine did too. Albeit only for the trial period. I did comment in another thread that if the only thing on the mini was the roon core, then it’s an expensive way to go to run the core. I use my mini for many things, so for me, putting the core on there for the two week trial seemed logical.


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I also use Roon (with HQPlayer) on a base model 2020 Mac Mini. All runs flawlessly, even with only 8 GB of memory. I had initially planned to upgrade the memory, but have seen no need for it.

macOS is Unix based and in my experience very reliable:-)


Don’t install Linux (Ubuntu or something similiar) unless your MacOS is no longer supported by Apple.
Your MacOS is much more stable than any Linux flavor out there, and you will bring lots of pain upon yourself doing it.


That’s not true. Linux distros wouldn’t dominate the server and super computer sectors if it were the case.


There is an illustrious forum member who taught us the saying ‘Horses for Courses’…

To me it seems that those recommending MacOS on the server over Linux are akin to those who recommend Linux on the desktop - over MacOS or Windows. Both are chasing the wind…

That said, if I had a MacMini at hand, of course I would use it with its native MacOS and be done with it. On the other hand, if I were in the market for a Roon server, I wouldn’t get a MacMini for that task.


There is a bunch of reasons why Linux (more precisely RedHat) is chosen by some big enterprises. It has nothing to do with stability or reliability.