Roon core on Mac mini 2020 with macOS Catalina

Or install Linux on the Mac Mini… that should run fine and very stable.

Roon runs fine on my 2020 Mini with Catalina. Not a problem of any kind.


IMO, a Mac mini is an expensive choice for a Roon Core. By all means test it, but long term, a cheap NUC with Rock as a single purpose dedicated machine may give a better experience. You can still use your Mac mini as a remote/endpoint etc.

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Lambert, if you want to use you Mac mini as a Roon core, download the skinny core only version if you don’t need the remote functionality. Disable the AppStore, automatic updates, and disable spotlight.

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Thank you very much for your kind answers and input. I will think about it and let you know, if I bought one and added the roon core. Price should be around Euro1.500,00 for the desired setup.

Now its a Dell i7 > USB > ADI-2 DAC > XLR > Dynaudio Professional Active Speakers

Nice day, Lambert

My comment had been removed, yet my point of view stands.
macOS Catalina is highly unstable, especially when it comes to the sound outputs, audio drivers, using more CPU and RAM for processing than needed. It had been reported as one of the most unstable macOS version, don’t believe me – short Google search will do. I did used it on mac mini, which I used as a Roon Core and a Plex Server. After I’ve downgraded it from Catalina to Mojave performance went up approx 10%, power consumption went down, RAM consumption and eRAM as well significantly decreased. It also was reported by other members of Roon community - macOS Catalina interface laggy randomly while running Roon (High GPU usage randomly, Roon idle 20% GPU, sometimes up to 99% usage)

On the other hand, if you want to switch to the machine you currently don’t have, I would side with MJB and assumably others, pointing to the NUC & ROCK as a way better/cheaper option.



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My setup is as follows:

  • NAS hosting my FLAC library, connected to the LAN via ethernet
  • Mac mini (server) i7 late 2012 running Roon server on Catalina, connected to the LAN via WiFi
  • Node 2i as Roon endpoint connected to the LAN via ethernet and attached (digitally) to the amplifier
  • The system plays fine with both the NAS and my Qobuz subscription. Never had a single issue: no instability, no disruption, no latency, no memory overload. Sound quality is perfect.

There may be cheaper options but you can safely implement this one.

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Mac OS is getting more and more bloated over the years. On the other hand, more services, more possibilities and complexer security are a fact now a days. I still prefer 10.6 snow leopard and used it until 2018, but that is simply not an option anymore.
Mac is phoning home for a lot of services. If you don’t like that then disable those services.

Here is a start:

importent notice.

  1. this script can disable your system.
  2. i cannot help

Mike, thank you. I think I try a Intel NUC 10 with i7 - 10710U, 1 TB internal SSD, 32 GB RAM and Windows 10 preinstalled. All in all for Euro 1030.00 I will download the sinny core only version only.
Nice day, Lambert

You will need Rock with a NUC, not the Mac server software. Good luck :wink:

I am the creator of the thread you are quoting, the issue is NOT Catalina, the issue is Roon consuming the 100% of the GPU resources, happens to Mojave users as well as reported don’t remember if in my thread or another that was merged into it.

If I was @Lambert_Brunner I won’t move a thing to MacOS until Roon fixes the CPU (High CPU Usage on Mac Mini 2018) and GPU issues.

I’m quoting people who stated irregularities mentioned in your thread - a); constant issues with macOS Catalina been reported all across all community boards, as well as the issues I’m relating to - high CPU usage, high RAM usage, power consumption increasing — eg - b); The fact that haven’t run into somebody’s reporting such doesn’t mean that it never happened (survivorship boas).

Your techradar link is pure sensationalist clickbait rubbish, and “quoting people” doesn’t make your argument anymore plausible than my arguably “survivorship boas”. But whatever… in a couple of weeks there’ll be an all new macOS release (Big Sur) to rubbish.

Roon says a fix is on the way…

yup, super exited about hearing from a potential fix!
thanks @mikeb

I use beta Catalina 10.15.6 on my 2012 MAC Mini and it works FLAWLESSLY! I run it on 12VDC with a 1GB SSD and a 1TB HDD for back up! 2.6GHz i7 Quad Core with 16 GB RAM. It’s dedicated to Roon.

This setup has allowed me to enjoy many many more hours of music than when I had crappy players like Audirvana and Pure Music! These players could not hold Roon’s Jock…IMHO!


The Verge:


And numerous others

If you don’t consider ’survivorship bias’ as a valid argument, additionally can’t spell it right, we have nothing to talk about. Cheers!

Well, it was you who spelled it wrong. You were just cited by @mikeb


Hello Mike, do I connect the Intel NUC via WLAN or LAN Cable to the router? Or does it not matter?

Thanks so much for your support!