Roon Core on Macbook Pro or NAS

I have a Macbook Pro from 2013 with Intel i5, 8 GB DRAM, 256 GB SSD and Mojave 10.14 OSX. I also have an older QNAP NAS, TS-269L, with all my music-files (approx. 1 TB) on SATA disks. Not enough processor or DRAM to run core on, I guess. Both are connected to the same network.
Two questions: Is this the best setup with existing equipment - the MBP as a core and my files stored on the QNAP-NAS or should I put Roon Server on the NAS ?
What happens when my MBP falls asleep/is powered off (my NAS is always on, but not necesserely my MBP)?
Do I always need to have my MBP on when I play Roon on my output devices (DAC or iPad) or is there some kind of wake on LAN functionallity?

PC as core and yes you will have to have it on to use roon.

Ok, thx Ged. So if I want my Roon ”always on” I need a Roon Server installation on a more powerful NAS?

Or have a dedicated server such an Intel NUC.

Or if you like the apple ecosystem a minimal config Mac mini would be adequate for roon only duty, unless you plan to do any dsp related functions like dsd up sampling or convolution in which case maybe look at more processor capabilities.

128gb ssd for roon and 16gb ram is more than adequate on the new mini

I’m a long-time Mac aficionado (since 1988), but I felt compelled to say that lovely as the current Mac mini’s are, it’s difficult to justify the cost difference between a Mac mini and a NUC with a comparable processor when it comes to use as a dedicated Roon server. When the mid-2011 mini that currently serves as my core dies, I’m definitely moving to a NUC running either ROCK or perhaps a more malleable Linux distro.

You could also look at preloved Macmini’s too…but need SSD upgrades most likely

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I’m using a 2018 Mini i5. I think it’s overkill. I run whatever/whenever I want, which admittedly isn’t that much, with no Roon issues. I keep the music on a LaCie 2Big Raid1 connected to Mini with T3.

I use Chrome Remote to give me remote console control of the Mini from an iPad.

The Raid will sleep, so at times I have to wait a few seconds to spin up.

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