My music is currently stored on a WD My Cloud EX4 NAS. I have an Apple iMac and a Windows 10 Notebook computer, both of which are connected to my home network. I plan to buy a streaming media player which would be connected to the router by a Ethernet cable.

I recall reading that it would be better to install the ROON CORE on a SSD drive on the NAS.

Hence I would appreciate your guidance with the following questions;

A) Can I install the ROON CORE on my NAS and control it using my Apple iMac or Windows computer instead of installing the CORE on my iMac or Windows PC hard drive?

B) Since my current NAS does not have SSD drives (which is recommended for ROON CORE installation) can I attach a 250 GB SSD drive by USB to my NAS and install the ROON CORE on this SSD drive?

Thank you very much for your assistance.


Hi Vivek,

Roon Core can be installed on a NAS which meets some minimum specs, a lot depends on how much music you have and the type of music, CD rip vs high definition and how many audio endpoints might be playing at the same time. An i3 is a good starting point for CPU and 4 GB for RAM.

However, I don’t think Roon can be loaded on the WD. It uses an armv5 cpu by Marvell clocked at 2ghz, only has 512 mb of memory and no apparent way of increasing the RAM. Roon does not have a version which will work with that CPU as a core, I don’t think.

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