Roon core on NAS

I have a 27 inch iMac with Intel i7 and 32 GB RAM which I was using as the Roon core. I recently bought a Synology DS 918+ with 8 GB RAM. Despite what people say about faster Intel processors and more RAM and NUC, I’m having no problems with the Synology NAS running Roon core. Maybe because both roon server and music is on 2 separate SSDs in the NAS? Performance is fine, should I leave it like that or make some improvements?

If the performance of that Synology is fine for you, what’s the issue you are trying to resolve?

you have a good point, my question is would I notice an increase in sound quality if I did something different?

Either the server hardware is beefy enough to handle your requirements or it is not. If the NAS has enough power for your use case, then it should not affect sound quality. More important would be how that NAS is integrated into your whole audio chain.

Please review this page from the Roon Knowledge Base (especially Rules 1, 2, & 5 )

Thank you, will review it