Roon Core on Nuc(Rock) keep dropping and remotes lose and cannot find

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I recently built a Nuc from approved hardware list (I7, m2 512gb, 32g ram)and all was going well until this evening. The roon core drops and my remotes (iPads) cannot find it. After a reboot the Roon core had changed ip addresses from 133 to 134(192…). Everything seemed fine but is dropped twice more tonight but did not change ip addresses.
My daughter told me there was a short power hit this afternoon while I was out, and I thought that might account for the change in IP address. But now, I do not know what is causing the disconnect. When I do bring up Core status everything says it okay.

Can you give more details of your network? Is the NUC wired wireless, type of network connections and speed? Do you have surge protection on the NUC? Is the Fan in the NUC running? Is it clean? no dust bunnies clogging it up?

Hi Bear,
My network is all wired save for the iPads, which use wireless. I do have Nuc plugged into surge protector, but I do not remember if I had to reboot the Nuc, it was on at the time, or if it rebooted itself. My Nuc is new so dust isn’t a problem, and I do not think it over heats. Booted up this afternoon and IP address is back to 133! Monitoring to see if it goes down again. Thanks

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Happened again. Remotes cannot connect to ROCK on my Nuc, and 133 IP address cannot be reached. Timed out. Going to do shut down and reboot. Very frustrating. I do not think this is a network issue with this Nuc dedicated to ROCK install only. Hope It’s not a hardware issue.

Did you try restarting your router?

Can your iPad ping the core successfully on the 133 address? You can install for instance this ping app:

Hi Suedkiez
I just powered down and rebooted, and so far so good. I do not want to reboot cable rooter since I have daughter remote working, and will do that as a last resort. My Nuc is the only device among many that is having any connection problems. I read IPv6 can be a problem but not running windows, so I’m not sure if that’s the problem. When I lose connection to the Core, I also lose control of the Rock. I have to shut down and reboot Nuc every time.

Maybe your daughter takes a 15 minute break some time :slight_smile: Anyway, rebooting the router would be what I’d do if I have possible network issues, before wrecking my brain and wasting time on more esoteric causes.

When you have the option, turn off router, turn off NUC, turn off iPad. Turn on router, wait until it is fully up and all lights have the correct status. Turn on NUC and wait until it is up. Turn on iPad. If it does not work, then look for other problems.

And IPv6 is not the problem here.

Just went down again. Same s%^*. Tried ping app and I get host is down message and request time-out. I will try rebooting router. I also have two network switches after router to my Nuc, computers and streamers. Frustrating to say the least.

Oh, I noticed when this happens the video output gets hashy too.

Reset router. Now Nuc w/ROCK has .132 IP address. Fingers crossed.

:sweat: good luck :slight_smile:

Nope. Lost it again! If this ends up being a hardware problem, it will have to wait until after the holidays. I was so stoked when things were running great those two days! Really frustrating not knowing what the culprit is. Back to mConnect now. Not a very good app but works.

Pity but at least you have ruled out one thing.

But damn. Checking hardware visually and reseating, moving ram, reaching for straws.

It sounds like the NUC is crashing, that video output looks like an issue with the integrated GPU which is part of the CPU die. I would suggest you check the warranty on the NUC and see if RMA is possible. You also can try a few passes of Memtest on the NUC to rule out bad RAM which may also cause this type of issue. RAM usually has a lifetime warranty so that you could get swapped out for sure. If that is too advanced maybe try removing one DIMM and seeing if it is stable, if not try with the other DIMM. That is another way to potentially rule out a memory issue.

Thanks mackid,
I did just that and so far its holding. Possibly ram got “loosen” or whatever.:wink: Been about an hour and a half. If it doesn’t drop by late tonight, I’ll consider it progress. Hope I didn’t just jinxed myself!

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I think I fix the problem. I removed and reinserted Ram and M2, and as of this writing no disconnects! Guess it was hardware issue and “cockpit error”. Want to thank all who reached out. Hope it stays fixed.


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