Roon Core on Synology 1817+ potential issues? [Solved by SPK update]

hello :slight_smile: I am currently running Roon Core on my Synology 1817+ - the installed RAM is 8GB. I’ve been using this setup since December 2017 as a RMA replacement for my 1815+ .

in February this year, I started to notice that the indexing service was constantly running. even though I could see all my files in File Station properly, some of the deleted ones still showed up in Video Station. this behaviour didn’t impact Roon.

Synology Support finally managed to resolve the issue for me a few days ago and they concluded that the problem originally occured due to running Roon Core on the NAS.

this is what they told me:

In short, the inode stores attributes and disk block for your file.

The problem you are facing is due to RoonServer occupying inode, so when Media Server need to open files, it fail to proceed correctly.

We’ve manually enlarged the inode, however, it is not a permanent solution, as we do not know if current inode will still be occupied by the 3rd party package.

About more details of inode, you could search on line for more details.

has any one encountered this with their Synology NAS before? I really like running Roon Core on the NAS. but if this is genuinely going to be a problem in the long run, then I have to start looking at alternative solutions…

thank you for any advice that you can give me :slight_smile:

Flagging to @support and @crieke


I noticed this already and created a new update in March, which I did not publish yet, as I was checking if it has any side effects or if it was that (extremely) low by default for a specific reason.
Since my diskstation runs smoothly (without any side effects) and even Synology does increase them, I will put it on my blog in a few minutes.


It is uploaded. Version 2018-03-07 will increase the inode value when RoonServer starts.
The inode value will be checked (and increased) on every start of RoonServer. It will revert back to the default value when the diskstation reboots (until RoonServer is launched again).


thanks for your swift reply Chris! do I have to do anything to initiate Version 2018-03-07 or would that happen automatically the next time I launch Roon?

You need to download the new spk from my blog page and install it in the Package Center.

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thank you Chris, I managed to update successfully :slight_smile:

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I had a similar problem on a new DS718+ which also runs RoonServer. Media Indexing got completely screwed, and the Synology Media Index would only update with new video/photo/music files if I went SSH to “/var/spool” and ran:

sudo synoservicectl --restart synoindexd.

I had Synology support start to look at this, but I believe at this stage that the new .spk you have created has nailed the issue I was having.

Thankyou Chris!

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