Roon core on Synology 918+, can't see my audio devices anymore

Hi there,

I have just set up my core on a Synology 918+ NAS on a new external SSD.

I can’t see any audio device, not even under settings. Vswitch is turnend off and I have no firewall enabled, whoch from my research seemed to be the main culprits for issues of this kind.

Can anybody help? Cheers!

Hi @Marco_Patruno,
can you give info, what audio devices should appear?
Are all devices in the same subnet of you network (=all devices have for example an IP address starting with 192.168.0.xx. Only the number at xx is different)?

Hi @crieke

My modem’s IP is
My Synology 918+ NAS is
My Netgear Orbi router is

Both Synology and Orbi are hard cabled to the modem.

All my wireless network, including mac and Sonos rooms are connected to the Orbi router and are 10.0.0.XX

When the roon core is installed on my mac I have zero issues seeing the 2 Sonos rooms as both Sonos or airplay devices. I can also see my ifi and Topping DACs (now not in the picture because not connected to my mac).

When the core is installed on the NAS the audio tab in “preferences” is totally empty.

The network from the Orbi is seperate from the network directly from the modem. Try connecting the NAS to an Ethernet port on the Orbi. I have pretty much this exact setup and this is what I do.

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Problem is that I think I don’t have free ports on the orbi!

Try putting the Orbi in AP mode, which should put it on the same subnet at the modem it’s connected to. See


Your orbit access points apparently creates another network. So every device on the orbit gets a 10.0.0.x IP address and these devices are isolated in their network and can’t communicate with the other network (with IP 192.168.1.x).

As @Brandon_williams recommended, you should try to set your Orbi to Access Point mode, so there is just one network and all wifi devices will get an IP in the 192.168.1.x range as well.

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@crieke @Brandon_Williams

Spot on advice guys! Works now!

Thanks so much.

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