Roon Core on Windows 10 or NAS

Is it best to run roon core on windows 10 or Synology NAS?

I would run it on a Nucleus or NUC if you can.

It depends on the hardware specification of each device.

Have you looked at the Roon Knowledge Bass on recommend hardware setups!

What models / specification of the devices you have in mind?

If you’re a going to buy, rather than already having at hand, then a NUC running ROCK (or WIN10) is the way to go.

Has an older PC i7 down 16 GB ram and 5TB hd 500 GB SSD

I did not have much success running Roon core on a Dell XPS 15 with i7, 32 GB ram, and 1 TB SSD. I bought a Nucleus. Some people have better success than I did.

Roon runs better from an SSD.
Roon installs itself on the boot drive.
Is your boot drive the SSD?

Music files can go on the HDD.

Otherwise, the specs are more than enough for all but the largest music collection.

Comparatively speaking, buying a new NAS powerful enough to run Roon is not cost efficient.

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As others have said, it is preferable to run the OS and Roon on an SSD, by a large margin.

However, if you are new to Roon and just getting “your feet wet” so to speak. Then use the hardware that you have. Get a feel for the software itself, the software and your library and playback needs, and then decide what hardware you might want/need.


now using intel i7-4770. 500GB HD SSD, 5 TB standard HD 16 GB ram windows pro 10.
seems to work excellently :slightly_smiling_face: