ROON Core/Output separate from Control while using Room Correction/Convolution & DSP VOL Control Question

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10/Intel NUC/16GB RAM/i5 CPU/Latest Roon Build

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Cisco/Ubiquiti GB Ethernet/ Hardwired

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Lynx Hilo/USB Connection

Description Of Issue

I have a question about how ROON handles Convolution/DSP VOL when the CORE is running separate from the Remote/Control plane. In my previous configuration I had an All-in-One configuration where all pieces of ROON were running from the same NUC (ie…Core/Control/Output) and in that configuration when I setup Convolution the files from Audiolense were Local to the CORE and DSP VOL was all controlled from the same place. Good to go, no problem there.

Recently I have decided to try running ROON in this new separated configuration with CORE having no Control at all but only doing CORE/Output. When I go into the Tablet I am using as the Control and setup Convolution it appears to want me to browse that Tablets Local file system to choose the Audiolense Convolution files. The concern I have is that what happens when this Tablet is offline? I assume the CORE will not know what to do with either my Convolution config files or how to deal with the DSP VOL control aspect either? So for example, if the tablet is offline and I want to use my Android phone to select music and playback audio it too I assume will have no knowledge of these Convolution files and it may have DSP VOL control capabilities but I wonder if they are the same as those found on the “Control” computer?

I liked the idea of trying this separation of duties but it seems like I may have shot myself in the foot in the process.

I appreciate any insight on this…Thanks

Hi @Chris_F123,

The Convolution files live in the Core, not the Roon Remotes. For you to get started with Convolution, you will need to use a PC to upload the impulse filters to the Core.

Once you have uploaded the impulse files and have set up the DSP appropriately, you can create a DSP Preset like so:

Using your Tablet/other Roon Remotes, you can cycle between presets that contain your respective convolution files.

Hello and thanks for your reply.

I have been using convolution for about year at this point while the Intel NUC was doing full ROON duties in terms of being the CORE/Control/Output. During that time I would RDP into the NUC which contained the mentioned convolution files local to its hard drive and I would choose those file like you show above.

But once I moved Control away from the CORE/Output (ie…Roon Server) and while using my Control Tablet the “Browse” button seen in DSP/Convolution only attempts to “Browse” the local hard drive of the Tablet and not that of the CORE like it use to.

The Convolution files are still present on the CORE from my last configuration but the Control Tablet doesn’t give the choice to pick them as its only looking at its own local hard drive.

Hopefully this makes more sense…Thanks

You can have both the “All-in-one” and Server configuration on one PC. The simplest solution here is to open the Roon App on the NUC, select the RoonServer Instance as the Core and then upload the convolution files/configure the presets. Basically, on the “Choose your Core” screen, instead of selecting “Use this PC”, connect to the RoonServer Core.

Thanks for your reply and info. I’ve decided to just install the All-in-one version of Roon back onto the machine instead

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