Roon Core PC blue-screening

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon V1.7. build 511 stable 64bit.
Win 10 64 bit. on a i7 processor with 16GB memory and SSD drive for core.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Networking is fine, using latest Talktalk router and fibre.
Ethernet from core to router and same to drone PC. Android via wifi.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Recently the Core PC has started to crash to a blue Screen and a code IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. PC eventually restarts.

This happen always and fairly quickly. I have noted that the program malwarebytes is only other program running. When MWB is switched off the issue stops, but with MWB on and using jriver in same (or similar fashion) ie, as a server no issues arise.

So as I cannot see any recent updates to Roon and only recent update to mwb is security updates as usual im a bit stumped.(it’s mwb premium by way which I’ve had for years). Up until some few days ago, maybe a week, it has been performing ok. This PC isn’t really used much bar as a core /server or to record LPs, which I’ve not done for over a week anyway.

It does this as a core and without any other equipment plugged in bar HDD for music.

Sorry it’s long-winded. any ideas?

Hi @grant_brown — Apologies for the trouble here!

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not possible for Roon to cause blue screen-type issues. These can typically only be caused by issues with drivers kernels, which Roon can of course use.

Looking online, there are a few things that could trigger this type of error, such as corrupt system files. I found more information about this at the link below — I would recommend giving this a read and seeing if any of the suggestions found here help.

Hi yes I read that. It has to be a mismatch with Roon and mwb(maybe both using something in same place) not so much saying roon is causing it, but between the 2 of them its happening. No other combinations cause it to happen.
Obviously the easiest was is to have mwb off when roon is on. I did try whitelisting roon, but it didnt matter so its not reaction by security, more a clash of usage i think. odd tho that it just started and nothing else I can find has changed. I checked windows logs and no updates had been applied at that time.

Hi @grant_brown,

It looks like MWB can experience a similar crash with other applications too (not just Roon):

Is there any change if you disable web protection in MWB?

Currently working with Web protection off… These issues were a year and a half ago according to dates… thought they had fixed it, but obviously whatever the new system is doing has started this again.
Worth keeping this info maybe as Im sure its gonna crop up again.
Getting you cant even trust your security:rofl:

What Malware Detection are you using

I have a similar set up i7. 16Gb Windows 10 with no issues , even running JRiver Media Server as well

I use Windows Defender no frills, maybe the malware detection thinks Roon is malware :rofl: Its not unheard of

One thing I do is to exclude my main music and video drives from Defender so I have a protected Working Drive where I download to and “virus check and process” before adding to the library . It stops windows from scanning every file you play . It makes a big difference with JRiver and Hi Res

Just mwb currently. All else off as tbh the laptop is only used 99% for music. These days I use a laptop beside where I sit and draw music off the core as I’m now disabled and don’t have good mobility.
It’s still not cut out with web disabled. I have contacted mwb for their thoughts. Not overly hopeful tho, as they are now too big for own good. I’ve been with them from the beginning really and have noticed good and bad changes there.
still we shall see. Thanks for info

Hi @grant_brown,

Definitely let us know what they say here! I’m hopeful that they will be able to help resolve this for you.

I opened a ticket with mwb. they got back to me saying they were aware of the issue. asked for tool to be run and logs sent, so ive done that.
its currently working with web on(typical when you go to docs) or they have already applied a fix?

will wait and see

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Still not fixed as its cut out again. web protection back off. Just got an email from Mwb, and they say after going through the logs they can see whats causing it, but it will take time to fix… To either keep web off or revert to an older version and switch off updates…

Hope this helps someone…

alas trial is ending but just to let you all know Malwarebytes have released a Beta fix for this issue today. Just downloaded and set up to run… so if anyone has the issue then in setting of mwb enable beta and then download it…

cheers and thanks for the Trial. Ive enjoyed it and will seriously consider it…

Just a note added to this… Not conclusive yet but i was getting a file deleted in middle of a track playing and it stopped.(file wasnt deleted tho) this has happened several times so far(not too close together tho).
I have disabled the web protection again and so far it has not happened again… i will keep u informed.

ps, thanks again for the extra trial …

It turns out it wasnt web protection… For some reason the hdd was going to sleep(no idea why) while it was playing, or thats what it looks like. Never come across this before, and shouldnt happen when in use…
I have forced it to stay awake and have had no further issue so far…

I also have had issues that I have seemed to isolate to Malwarebytes. Running windows 10x64 on a nuc7i5. System would restart randomly, usually within a few hours… Roon was set to start automatically on boot so I really didn’t notice the issue often unless I was listening to something at the time. Event log would show system restarted without cleanly shutting down and dump file creation failed.

Tried updated drivers, bios and also disconnecting all usb/hdmi devices and just using airplay with no change in random reboots. Set Roon not to start automatically and the system would no longer randomly restart… once Roon was started the random restarts returned.

Renstalled Windows and Roon with no improvement… Once Malwarebytes was removed, all the restart issues disappeared and the system is 100% stable. Not sure what the issue is between Roon and Malwarebytes but for now I’ll just leave it as is since the system is purely dedicated to Roon, I’m not too concerned about malware.

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