Roon core periodically crashes mac-mini

I’ve installed Roon server (headless) 1.2 on the Mac mini running El Capitain with 16Gb ram. Every few days it decides to crash and restart the computer. Control is either by Roon on the MacPro or iPad.

Music is iTunes loaded on the Mac mini and other music on an attached thunderbolt drive (not NAS).

Any clues? Not a life threatening issue, of course. :slight_smile:

Crashing every night now. Computer restarts.

Hello @Louis_Hissink,
Roon can’t cause the computer restart, app is isolated from the OS.
Would you mind to explain in details how exactly this is happening and maybe if there are any patterns you’ve noticed.

I am not sure when it happens since but during the night, so next morning when I log in remotely I am informed the mac-mini had to be restarted. This is a frequent event and mystifying.

Roon core is active, a VPN connection is active, I tunes is also active.

The mac-mini is in a very basic configuration and optimised for audio.

Last night the system did not crash, but the previous and the night before it experienced two instances of kernel panic/reboot and the relevant thread was Roonappliance. I can supply the system logs if needed.

At present I would put this query into pending until the kernel panic repeats itself. I did not use Roon yesterday, which might have been a factor.

Let us know if the crashes continue.