Roon core problem connecting Cambridge CXN V2


I just bought a Cambridge CXN V2. It’s Roon Ready.

But my MacBook Pro can’t find it - can’t find the core.

Earlier I used Innous ZenMini without problems

Please help me!

Best regards

Hi @Dan_Kolko,

I surmise your Innous ZenMini was running the Roon Core, now you have removed the Zen there is no longer a Roon Core running on your network.

The Cambridge CXN V2 whilst being Roon Ready is an Audio Endpoint I don’t believe it runs the Roon Core like the Zen did.

The Cambridge is Roon Ready!!

As a device that plays music, not as a server.

“Roon Ready network players”

It should work as a server.
But if you are right, I have been fooled!

Roon core runs on a computer device. Roon Ready means the network player can connect to your Roon core using RAAT over your network.

Roon Ready implies use as endpoints in Roon speak, nothing else. The Roon core provides the server function on Windows, iOS, Linux etc. Operating systems.
If the seller told you that the CXN is a Roon core, then yes you got fooled.

Hi again,

May I ask who told you that, either spoken or documented?

If it was the seller I’d be knocking on their door for an explanation / refund.

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Exactly what brother Carl said.
You HAVE to use some type of PC to host Roon Core… period!

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Hi again,
So, can I connect my Innuos ZenMini (that till now has been working as a core) AND connect it with my Cambridge.
If yes - how?

Yes certainly.
Put the Zen back in your system and connect the CXN via an Ethernet cable to your network and it should show up as a Roon Ready endpoint under settings:audio for you to enable.

You don’t need to connect the two together, just have both connected to your network by Ethernet cable.


One more problem.

I can’t find the settings:audio. Could you please tell me where to find it?!

Best regards


Can I use my MaBook Pro as a core?

One more question.
Where do I find this page?

Roon - Settings - Audio

Hi @Dan_Kolko,

The Roon help centre is a good reference source, it’s worth checking out…

I know, but still it is difficult for me.
It seems that my old core still is the core.
How do I remove it to install a new core?

It cannot work as a Roon server , you can add a USB drive up to 4Tb (or bigger maybe) and navigate using the StreamMagic app