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Hi Folks,

I just joined the Roon Community yesterday and as an interim measure I have set my MacBook to be my Core. All was well yesterday until I got home tonight … MacBook was dead school boy error but I have rebooted and I now constantly get a message that from iPad waiting for remote connection.

I have tried to launch the Roon app on Macbook and it says the device has only one core licence and it’s in use. Am I missing something to get the Roon Core running on the MacBook since it shut down through my school boy error.

Is there an “Unauthorize” button being displayed? If so, click that, and this Catch-22 situation should resolve itself…

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Geoff…you’re a star, out of curiosity what caused that?

I don’t know the precise cause, but it very occasionally pops up under certain circumstances…

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Hey @Jim_Corrigan, so happy that Geoff was able to help (Thanks so much @Geoff_Coupe!)

When you see the “unauthorize” button, it means that your account was tied to another Core device. Is it possible that you downloaded Roon on another device previously? By unauthorizing the previous Core, it allows you then connect to your new Core. This is because you are only able to have one Core per subscription/license.

I hope that helps to explain it a bit better. :blush: