Roon core requires Roon app to be running on same machine

A strange situation seems to have cropped up where Roon Core will only work on my network if the Roon app is also running on the same machine (a Mac Mini with High Sierra).

If it’s not running I get an error message on the Roon app on my iPhone saying
“there is an issue loading your database”

If I open the Roon app it’s immediately opens up if I close Roon on the Mac mini whilst I have Roon open on my iPhone then the app tells me it has lost connection.

Are you running Roon or RoonServer on the Mac Mini. Roon is only active if you are running it. RoonServer is a non GUI server that runs.

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roon server but it only seems to actually run if roon is open too that’s the confusing point to me

It sounds like you have both roonserver and Roon loaded on the same machine? If you loaded Roon first, then you loaded Roon as both a client and server. It maybe that you have both servers running and are connected to the wrong one.

Check to see if you are seeing two servers. Go to settings, General, under the main server tab, there is a disconnect button. If you click it, NOT logout, then it will disconnect the client from the currently attached server backend. It should then give you a list of all the Roon Servers the client sees that it can now connect to. If you are seeing more than one, try connecting to the other server.

ah! so roon can act as both client and server? I did not realise that but its all making sense now Thankyou :). 9 89 I also suspect roon server might have been loading twice as it was ast it run at startup and was also in login items for the default user account

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