Roon core restarts with Display enabled and unable to update TV name (ref#UBEJW3)

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Roon core restarts all the time if Display is enabled. Also my TV name is different and i cannot update in ROON. My TV name should be “EDMATV” and not “MediaRoom”

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it is installed on Intel Nuc. 16 gb RAM. I do not remember details on CPU, but it was running for past few years.

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USB to Michi P5 Preamp

Home Network Details

it is directly connected to ATT router.


Hi @Ed_Januskis,
Thanks for your patience while we worked through the queue. You can rename the display by enabling the display. When you do a pencil icon will appear next to the name. Clicking the pencil icon will let you edit the name. This is a screenshot from audio settings but the same process applies to displays

To further investigate the crashes you are experiencing could you provide the time this happens and the track you’re listening to at the time?

Hi, it crashes all the time if my display is enabled. It starts playing a track and i see my Roon core restarting.

Good update. I just enabled display and it works :). Very strange, I was not able to play before. My question would be is there specific config should i pay attention? My TV is SONY with Google built in.

Hi @Ed_Januskis,
Thanks for the response. The first thing I’d recommend is disabling ipv6 on your network. If that doesn’t solve your problem please send a screenshot of any multicast settings in your router. Lastly please verify that the firmware on the Sony TV is up to date, just in case.

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I think i found the bug. i replicated steps what happens.

  1. TV is off and I start playback. TV turns and at this point no issues.
  2. ROON playing through tracks no issues.
  3. stopped ROON
  4. TV did not turn off but went into screen saver mode.
  5. Started playback. TV screen did not go back to ROON cast and ROON core restarting.
  6. Stopped ROON and turned off TV.
  7. Started playback again and TV turns on and everything goes back to normal no issues.
    TV cannot go to screen saver or sleep mode. I think that ROON trying to cast/wake TV and cannot. Something related to TV setting or the way ROON trying to cast signal

Hi @Ed_Januskis,
Thanks for getting back to us with the steps. We’ll try to reproduce this ourselves. In order to see this in logging can you tell us specifically (exact local time + date) when this happened? We’ll then activate diagnostics to look into your problem further.

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