Roon Core—> Roon Server

Hi. I’m a new Roon user. I’ve set it up on an HP mini desktop, and everything is working flawlessly.

However, I mistakenly installed the full package instead of just Server. Is there a way I can “step down” without mucking up my current settings? Do I NEED to do this to have a headless setup?

Nick, I’ve moved this question into the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen and responded to by a member of the Support team of Roon Labs.

Personally, I would run Roon Server on a headless setup in preference to the full Roon package. You will also need to set up an auto-login - see this Knowledge Base article for details.

If you want to preserve your settings, you will need to first make a backup of your current Roon setup, and then restore it into your new installation of Roon Server.

Support will be along to help you out further…

Hi, sorry about that Geoff! Thanks for the feedback, too. My intent was indeed to run Server on a headless setup, I just, well, messed it up. The info on the backup/restore was what I was hoping to have, thanks!

Hi @Nick_Triano,

To add to Geoff’s great response here, you can read more about backing up and restoring your Roon database in our KB article on the subject.

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